Four ways around the Supply Chain

November 26, 2021

Shop Local

Before you shop online, check with your local small businesses first. If they don't have a website, call them. They may what you are looking for and will hold it for you. If you go the national retail chain route, check the inventory of the local stores first. You'd be surprised to see what is actually at the store. Remember shopping local saves jobs and ensures your local jurisdictions get those much needed tax dollars lost with online shopping.

Shop Early

I haven't heard this much about supply chain and inventory since Intermediate II Accounting in college. On top of supply chain and inventory issues, shipping times have increased. You must start your shopping now. National retailers started their Black Friday sales 2 weeks ago. Take advantage to the deals now!

Local Crafters/Artist

This pandemic has inspired millions to tap into their inter crafter and amazing things are being created. Check out your local church bazars, art and craft shows. I was at a church bazar this past weekend and saw some amazing one of a kind crafts and art. Your social media is full of talented people, local small business owners ready to create special gifts for your friends and family.

Get Crafty

Lastly, make it yourself. Not only will your friends and family love the fact that you made it yourself, you just might find it relaxing. Plus I'm here to tell you where all the craft sales are!