Activity Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve Party

December 19, 2021

When planning a New Year’s Eve Party, most people spend time planning their guest list, deciding on food, ordering decorations and focusing on the music. However, don’t forget to plan the evening’s activities. Depending upon when your guests arrive, you may have several hours before “the ball drops” and the clock strikes 12 AM. Therefore, you should plan ahead and not expect the guests to entertain themselves by dancing to the music or socializing with other guests. In this post, I will share some activity ideas you can use to help keep the guests entertained throughout the night.

Karaoke: A fun time for singers and non-singers.

Karaoke is an excellent activity for a New Year's Eve party! It encourages guest participation and allows the guests to entertain themselves and others. In fact karaoke can even provide a very cost effective form of entertainment for all the guests even those who choose not to participate. Karaoke will provide the guests with music and singing at a much lower price than it would cost to hire a live band or a DJ for the event. The music may not be as high quality as it would be if you hired a professional but that’s also the fun part about karaoke.

Mystery Game: It’s the “Who Done It” for me.

Hosting a murder mystery event or a group game is another fun idea for New Year's Eve party. Games such as Mafia, Taboo, or Pictonary always make for a good time. If you have any card players, you could even host a tournament to pass the time. If you decide to host a murder mystery and really want to get fancy, you can either hire a troop of actors to perform the murder mystery and allow the guests to interact with the actors to try to solve the mystery or you can assign different characters to each guest including a victim and a murderer. In this case, the guests should keep their identities a secret to keep everyone else guessing.

Interactive Buffets: Customize Your Food.

Food can also be a source of entertainment for the guests at a New Year’s Eve party. You can serve items such as fondue which require the guests to participate in the preparation of the food. Another idea for an activity is to design a party where the preparation of the food is a part of the party. For example, we could provide you an order of partially decorated cupcakes along with a variety of topping options, and your guests could customize their own dessert. Paint your own cookies is also a great option if any children will be at the party. Those are always a hit with the kiddos.


Hosting a New Year’s Eve party can be a lot of fun. However, don’t forget that you will have quite a few hours to spend together. Make sure to consider how you will fill that time. Activities as simple as viewing movies can even be a great idea for a New Year's Eve party. If your party has a particular theme, select a series of movies which reflect that theme to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening. You might even serve foods which are typically found at a movie theater to tie into the movie night theme.

If your New Year's Eve party will include children it is important to spend some time planning activities for the kids. You might want to include a mix of kid friendly activities as well as activities which are suitable for both children and adults. If there will be adults in attendance there should also be activities just for the adults as well to ensure that everyone has a good time!